Weird World of Sports

A week for the bizarre. And more is coming.


You can go ahead and  mark  it on your calendars, if you’d like. The week of June 6 seems to be the first week where the summer slowdown brings along the weirdest stories of the sports year.

It’s as regular as the climb in temperatures or rolling thunderstorms. As the NHL and NBA seasons come to a close and the dog days of summer  arrive, the slowdown in “real” sports news (I use this term  very loosely), the game highlights and injury updates, trade rumors and standings shifts brings stories that  would typically be buried inside the notebook  of your local sports section to the meat of the back pages. This week already

This week may serve as  a high point  for those kinds of tales, even though it is just  early June. We have Aqib Talib doing his best Plaxico Burress impression and maybe shooting himself, but definitely getting shot and (supposedly) having too much to drink.

Then, just days later, a pair of very highly ranked prospects in the Marlins organization were involved in a  bizarre “prank,” where one ended up with a knife wound.

You can’t make  this stuff up.

Now, there is definitely a natural reason this stuff happens to rise to the op this time of year. With fewer games being played,  reporters and networks are desperate to fill column inches and airtime, and so are hungry to  run with any entertaining  story they can get their hands on, and  these stories are nothing if not entertaining.

We’ll probably get a bit less this year, as the 2016 summer calendar is fairly full. We have the Olympics in July and August, and by the time those wrap-up, football will return to dominate the airwaves.

But still, this can be a pretty entertaining time of year. I always enjoy the majority of these wacky stories, although Talib’s story is obviously a  bit more serious.

Hopefully, we get a few gems before the summer runs out.




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