Bets, Beers, and Babes

Our loving degenerate Tom Dragani is back, with his weekly smorgasbord of things relating to beers, bets and babes, as so eloquently titled by him. Check it out. 

Going 4 – 1 in my first week as a precariously anointed sports gambler is setting the bar quite high, but that’s okay because it’s going to force me to take a harder look at my picks. I decided that it was a bit silly to pick the Bills in a road division game. I got a bit too caught up in how dysfunctional Miami is, that I made the mistake a few NFL organizations have also made and that is to put faith in Rex Ryan in a must win game. Can’t trade one disfunction for another and maybe I shouldn’t have went with three favorites, and quite possibly, I should have listened to the late President Richard Milhous Nixon:


(By the way.. The most appropriate use of the -GATE suffix since Watergate itself)

In any case, besides hitting well on most of the picks, I can revel in the fact that for the sixth week in a row it’s been proven that football scheme and talent are more most definitely more important than culture. Frankly, the 49ers have a dearth at all three.


Now onto this week’s picks..

Atlanta Guns (GB vs ATL Over 53.5)

This is supposed to be a huge game for Aaron Rodgers, believe it or not. Not more than six weeks ago, we didn’t really know what the Falcons were, but this team can score points. All but one game beat the over this season for Julio and Co, the Pack are without an effective running game, but are the most effective through 6 weeks at stopping the run, so expect this game to be an airshow. Rodgers needs to be as prolific, if not better than last week (326yds, 3TDs), with what I believe is a Green Bay line (+3) in Atlanta.

*Note: When I originally picked this o/u, the line was 52.5. My book now has it at 53.5, but I won’t waiver from this pick. Atlanta is 31st against the pass and Green Bay is 15th. Airshow.

The Northmen Cometh (Vikings -5.5 vs Chicago)

After the Vikings and Sam Bradford got a little exposed against the Eagles, Coach Mike Zimmer decided to stick it to his team (see below). The Vikings went down late in the game 21-3 and that final touchdown was garbage time. Not a strong showing from the then undefeated Northmen from Minnesota. This team needs a strong bounce back to show they aren’t overrated and with a divisional opponent on the road, I expect that the Vikings will demand a win and get it because….DA BEARS.

*Pray for me betting a Monday night game.*

One for the Puckheads

I’ve got another Hockey pick this week and I think this is going to keep me undefeated on the ice. I hate to even look at this game out of spite, but I like the Islanders +155 in Pittsburgh. I figure this is high time I go for a dog on the ice. I am also thinking about the Over 5.5 goals. The return of Sid the Kid in Pittsburgh might somehow actually work against them, playing a team who just lost a back-breaker at home to the white-hot Montreal Canadiens. I have faith against Pittsburgh and that a lot of goals will be served up.

Clip This One to Your Chest

I am really not a guy who bets basketball. I have just never gravitated towards the bets as much as I have to the game itself. I think I may be wary because my perception is that these lines tend to be fickle as all hell. But let’s go venture into the uncharted. Clippers -2 vs Portland. This is more of a pick of who I like (the Clippers), and where the money is going.

Note: it appears each week that I am going to be handcuffed to only picking NHL and NBA games that play Thursday night, because future lines aren’t published. I am working on finding a better place to find them.

Give Me the Props I Deserve!

Everyone likes prop bets right? Here’s a few I’ll give you from my own back pocket:

1. Jason Heyward doesn’t get a hit at all this World Series against Cleveland


2. 280 to 1 that I can finally snag that Dinner and a Movie Interview I’ve always dreamed of with Katie Nolan. Someone help me make this happen.

3. Cubs win it in 5.


Signature Six-Pack

I’m going to try something new this week in the beer section of my column and forgo the review this week. By the time you read this, if anyone is, I will be at a VIP beer tasting and Halloween party at the Bronx Zoo, and I am saving the next beer review for such an occasion. (Follow me on Untappd for all of the live updates, by the way)

In the meantime, and in the future, I want to introduce an award system where I give out a six pack of beer in the style of the Three Star Selection in Hockey, to those players, plays, and feel-good stories I think deserve my favorite libation.

1 Beer for Mike Zimmer

Thanks for the loss, first and foremost. After the Vikings 21 – 10 loss to my Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Zimmer went full Jack Torrence and decorated his practice facility with slaughtered cat stuffed animals to send his team a strong message about being too high on themselves after starting the season 5-0. Points for complete savagery and the twisted motivation. I appreciate when coaches call out their team when necessary (except when it was Chip Kelly and he wanted none of the blame) and am a fan of the horror movie tableau of it all, but maybe that was a little much, Coach.

2 Beers for Cliff Avril

In what was an otherwise horrendous game, Cliff Avril, DE Seattle Seahawks, had one of the most casual displays of pure strength when he sacked Carson Palmer late in the 3rd Quarter of Sunday night’s game, seemingly with one hand. But that’s just my favorite highlight. Avril finished the game with 2.5 sacks and bought (read: stole as eminent domain) real estate in Carson Palmer’s personal space more times than I counted.

3 Beers for Joel Embiid

On Wednesday night, the 76ers began their season at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder. On Wednesday night, the City of Philadelphia finally got to see the game time fruits of the Process, two years in the making. Embiid scored 20 in his health-limited 22 minutes, with 7 rebounds. Embiid turned in a performance that should have any Philadelphia Basketball hopeful for the future. I certainly am, and I’ll be cracking open and toasting many brews to Joel Embiid this year.


Honorable Mention: Sixers head coach Brett Brown called into Philadelphia Sports Radio 97.5 the Fanatic Wednesday afternoon to talk about the game that night while on a 5-mile run. Amazing. This guy just doesn’t quit. He can coach my basketball team FOREVER.

Is there a cure for this Hangover?

I can’t think of a better way to serve up a six-pack than pairing it with a hangover the next morning. Not that I am that much of a lightweight, but I hope you get my meaning. This next “award” is my version of the “loser of the week.” This week’s hangover, and I hope it’s an extra bitter, extra nauseous, super head-splitting one, goes to the New York Giants organization and Josh Brown. As Brendan mentioned already this week and Tim forcefully echoed, the Giants were the next organization to jointly help  the NFL in making themselves look bad once again. This is getting way out of hand at this point. If the NFL wonders where their ratings are going, it’s probably out the window with all the cases of domestic violence that they chose to ignore and the victims they find suitable throw out with the trash, in the guise of saving face. I can’t say much more other than: Giants, shame on you. Josh Brown: good luck selling used cars for the rest of your life, you prick.

Thursday’s Temptation

I’m doubling down on the Redheads. Two weeks in a row, so it is more than clear that I have a thing.

Madeline Ford


Topical right? She’s a Cubs fan it seems and gearing up for the World Series victory that will come to Chicago this year. This girl deserves to celebrate her fandom, and I think the Baseball gods would make a mistake if they didn’t allow her (and Grandma Cubby) to be part of one of the best feelings in sports. Her Instagram says she’s out there to change the world’s perception of red hair and freckles. You best believe I’m second up to that cause!


And that concludes this week’s addition of Bets, Beers, and Babes. May your pockets, guts, and pants remain stuffed! Cheers!


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