Just the Stats: The Good, The Bad, and the Cleveland Browns

The following statistics are completely true pieces of information. Use them at your own risk. Results may vary.

Mike Trout is Good
MLB will announce the winners of the Most Valuable Player awards on November 17. If you’ve paid attention to baseball, MVP awards, or anything I’ve said since last week or four years ago, you know that Mike Trout is quite excellent at baseball. If you don’t believe me, here are some links that back up that sentiment. If you’re still not convinced, here is where Trout stands on the list of the best five-year peaks since 1921. Trout hasn’t even reached his prime, and he’s put up one of the best five-year stretches in history. I don’t even care if Trout wins the AL MVP award this week. All I ask is that you understand he should.

The 9th-best five-year peak in baseball since 1921 – and Trout turned 25 in August.

Making Sense of the NFL is Bad
There’s a weird thing going on in the NFL standings, if you take a look at each team’s record next to their net points. Each division has a team with a winning record and a negative net point total, or a team with a losing record (or is .500) and a positive net point total. Notable teams are the 6-3 Houston Texans, allowing 188 points against 161 scored, and the 4-6 San Diego Chargers, scoring 292 points against 278 allowed. Add this to the list of oddities happening in the AFC West this season, I guess.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.49.31 PM.png

The Cleveland Browns are The Cleveland Browns
We’ve been nice enough over the first four-plus iterations of Just the Stats, so we’ll take some time here to discuss the Cleveland Browns. You know, the team that has kept you alive in your Survivor pool since Week 1. Look past the fact that the last QB to win a game for the Browns is Johnny Manziel. Look past the fact that they hide their schedule below highlights videos of them playing football. Here’s a list of who has more victories than the Cleveland Browns since their season began with a 29-10 loss on September 11:
– Every NBA team (Oct 25 through Nov 10)
– Chicago Cubs in the World Series (Oct 26 through Nov 2)
– NHL teams when they score 10 goals (Nov 4)
– President-Elect Donald Trump (Nov 8)



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